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Installation of waterproofing membranes

PVC and TPO membranes have opened the way to all waterproofing sectors thanks to their many advantages, such as flexibility and strong tear resistance, combined with superior welding ability, low safety risks, ease of installation and excellent whole life costs.

Soundproofing solutions for metal deck roofs

Raindrops impact generate a significant increase in the noise level inside the building that reduces acoustic comfort and hinders the development of the business activity, especially in those buildings where activities which require special acoustic comfort are to be carried out in order to ensure correct intelligibility of speech, hearing, etc., such as schools, airports, […]

7 pool maintenance tips

We are almost in summer season, perfect time for pools and sunshine, so we take this opportunity to remind you a couple of basic maintenance tips for PVC membrane pools

Advantages of Sintec Green Roof System

Storm-water management  SINTEC green roofs make use of existing roof space and prevent runoff before it leaves the lot, storing water during rainfall events, delaying runoff until after peak rainfall and returning precipitation to the atmosphere through evapotranspiration. The depth of substrate, the slope of the roof, the type of plant community, and rainfall patterns […]

SINTEC collaboration 12.000 m2 at the airport bamc in Cardiff

SINTEC, the most complete range of waterproofing solutions. SINTEC has supplied the 12,000 m22 PVC waterproofing sheet at BAMC Airport, a subsidiary of British Airways, located at the northwest end of the Welsh Cardiff International Airport. The large-sized building is designed to service the B474 and B777 aircraft, giving the air base the ability to […]