URDIN T 2.0 SL sheets, made from virgin resins, sustainable with the environment, have been used in the waterproofing of the Bentaberri station.

SINTEC has recently completed the supply of materials for the waterproofing of the Bentaberri underground station in San Sebastián, one of the main stations of the new Underground network in the Gipuzkoan capital and its area of influence. This metropolitan network (operated since 1982 by Euskotren and colloquially called ‘Topo’) is being buried as it passes through San Sebastián, works that should culminate in 2023.

The construction of this new station -in the Antiguo neighborhood, in the capital of Gipuzkoa- is part of the Lugaritz-Easo railway variant of the metropolitan network that will bring the underground closer to the university area of the city, avoiding transfers with other suburban lines . The line, with three new and modern underground stations in the city center, will have a length of 4.2 kilometers and a global budget of 180 million euros, entirely entirely by the Basque Government.

SINTEC’s URDIN T 2.0 SL material, an unarmed Flexible Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC-P) sheet, has been used to perform the waterproofing of the Bentaberri station, This material is ideal for waterproofing tunnels and underground galleries, as well as for ‘cut and cover’ tunnels, coverage of underground structures and underground car parks.

This membrane is manufactured under EN 13967 and EN 13491 strict international standards. Manufactured from virgin resins, which guarantee constant characteristics and optimum durability, and are compatible with environmental sustainability, in addition to subsequent recycling.

URDIN T is a material resistant to swelling, microorganisms and ageing, as well as putrescibility (tendency of organic matter to decompose in the absence of oxygen). In addition to its extraordinary mechanical properties, the sheets manufactured by SINTEC have a high level of tightness even under permanent deformation, offering great resistance to punching and root drilling, according to the EN 14416 standard.

Another advantage of URDIN T SL is that it is a Signal Layer material, which allows visual detection of any possible damage caused during its installation. Furthermore, it is weather resistant during the installation process and is perfectly weldable with hot air, even after years of installation. For all these reasons, it is a highly appreciated waterproofing material for large infraestructures builders.

SINTEC’s participation in one of the most important works of the San Sebastián Underground endorses this Company as a high quality supplier in waterproofing major infrastructure works both in Spain (for example: works for the AVE – High Speed Train) and in many cities in the world.