We are almost in summer season, perfect time for pools and sunshine, so we take this opportunity to remind you a couple of basic maintenance tips for PVC membrane pools

1- Keep a high pH level

A low pH level should be avoided, as it can cause wrinkles to form in the coating.

2- Do not add chemicals to the pool water at the same time

Certain combinations of chemicals can cause discoloration of the coatings, so it is necessary to let the chemical be diluted in the pool water, before adding a second chemical.

3. Circulate the water for several hours after adding chemicals.

Certain chemical products can concentrate at the bottom of the pool, and cause discoloration of the membranes. It is necessary to allow the circulation of water for several hours until its proper dissolution.

4. Do not place chlorine tablets in the skimmer siphon basket.

Avoid placing chlorine tablets in the siphon basket, to avoid too high concentration of chlorine in the area around the skimmer siphon.

5-Clean the pool on a regular basis.

The dirt and debris settled in the pool can, after some time and under the action of the sun, be very difficult to remove, so a regular cleaning of the entire pool is very important.

6- Clean the filtration system on a regular basis.

7- The most important: Enjoy the summer, the heat and the pool

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