The installation of a landscaped roof in a building can contribute to increase its useful life, by physically protecting it from ultraviolet light and reducing fluctuations in surface temperature, which are responsible for the gradual deterioration of waterproofing sheets on roofs. Thus, the building with a green roof system will offer better waterproofing and will be protected against solar radiation, hail, heat and cold and will also have better energy conservation of its facilities. A roof without landscaped roof installation can reach temperatures above 70ºC in summer, while the surface temperature of green roofs with SINTEC PVC sheets only reach 30ºC. Although today waterproofing sheets have a life expectancy of more than 25 years, as being protected from weather conditions, their useful life could be much longer, exceeding 50 years.

Other advantages of installing a green roof 

Energy efficiency

The installation of SINTEC green roofs reduce the amount of heat transmitted through the roof to the interior of the building, reducing energy consumption employed to cool the interior of the building

Improving air quality

The intensive landscaped terraces containing woody plants contribute to the improvement of air quality, since urban vegetation collects polluting particles, such as nitrogen oxides, improving the air quality of urban environments.

Stormwater management 

The landscaped roofs store the water during the rain episodes, retarding the fall of the same towards the surface of the street and returning the precipitations to the atmosphere by evapotranspiration.

The installation of a SINTEC PVC sheet for green roofs can reduce the total annual runoff of the building by up to 79%. 

Usable free area 

The installation of green roofs in a building allows it to be equipped with new leisure areas without needing to acquire additional land, since the roof can be used as leisure areas, solariums, gardens, playgrounds, sports areas.

PVC sheets for green roof installation

Sintec URDIN MP FB sheets are suitable for waterproofing green roofs in buildings, guaranteeing constant characteristics and optimum durability. Manufactured from virgin resins, they have excellent stability against UV rays, are resistant to root perforations and have a high level of tightness even under permanent deformation.

URDIN MP FB sheets can be installed on landscaped roofs by mechanical fixing, or mixed mechanical fixing solution + bonded system, both in new construction and in renovation