Water, an essential resource for crop production, is an increasingly scarce asset, while the area devoted to crops continues to grow due to the progressive increase in the world’s population. 

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We are almost in summer season, perfect time for pools and sunshine, so we take this opportunity to remind you a couple of basic maintenance tips for PVC membrane pools

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Storm-water management 

SINTEC green roofs make use of existing roof space and prevent runoff before it leaves the lot, storing water during rainfall events, delaying runoff until after peak rainfall and returning precipitation to the atmosphere through evapotranspiration. The depth of substrate, the slope of the roof, the type of plant community, and rainfall patterns affect the rate of runoff. SINTEC green roofs can reduce annual total building runoff by as much as 60% to 79%. 

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It is one of the longest tunnels of the AVE on its way through Galicia, 8.1 kilometers length.

URDIN T is made from virgin resins, environmental sustainable.

SINTEC has been the company in charge of the waterproofing of one of the longest tunnels in the Galician AVE, the one in El Espiño, with its URDIN T material, a sheet of Flexible Vinyl Polychloride (PVC-P). This stretch of 8.1 kilometers is located between the municipalities of A Gudiña and Vilariñio de Conso in Ourense and belongs to the Zamora-Ourense section of the high-speed line between Galicia and Madrid.

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Sintec, among its wide range of materials for waterproofing, has a product specially designed to meet the needs of tanks, tanks, rafts, canals or small lakes isolation in residential buildings that will contain water suitable for human consumption: URDIN AP

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SINTEC, the most complete range of waterproofing solutions.

SINTEC has supplied the 12,000 m22 PVC waterproofing sheet at BAMC Airport, a subsidiary of British Airways, located at the northwest end of the Welsh Cardiff International Airport.

The large-sized building is designed to service the B474 and B777 aircraft, giving the air base the ability to accommodate B747 and B777 aircraft in its four hangar bays.

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In order to benefit the health and the environment, it is needed a maintenance of the swimming pools during the wintertime.

SINTEC offers an advanced and wide range of synthetic waterproofing sheets to avoid water losses.

During the winter, there is a reduction in the use of swimming pool the same time as the temperatura decreases, especially those located outdoors. For this reason, it is important to make a correct maintenance of the swimming pool and get it ready for the starting of the next bathing season, protecting both health and environment.

Hibernation is one of the most advisable, economic and eco-conscious options. It consists on keeping the water in good conditions during the winter, in order to be reused at the beginning of the warmest months of the year.

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The waterproofing sheets used in the Galician tunnel are manufactured exclusively from virgin resins

URDIN T is an ideal material for the waterproofing of underground structures and tunnels and meets the stringent standards EN 13967 and EN 13491


SINTEC has cooperated in the construction of the Portela high-speed tunnel (Pontevedra) with the URDIN T waterproofing material. It is a flexible PVC polyvinyl chloride (PVC-P) membrane that is ideal for the waterproofing of tunnels, as well as for cut and cover tunnels, coverage of underground structures and underground parking. With its participation in the works of the High Speed Train (AVE), SINTEC shows that its waterproofing materials are present in buildings and state-of-the-art infrastructures spread all over the world.

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