Sintec has completed the design of its new PVC sheets for swimming pool waterproofing sample book, in order to present it to its customers. URDIN SPR sheets, made of a polyester reinforced  flexible PVC membrane, guarantee a perfect watertightness of the swimming pool, and is the perfect solution for waterproofing any type of pools.

SINTEC swimming pool waterproofing products maintain their appearance throughout their life, as the membranes have a color treatment, (which avoids drastic changes in their appearance), an anti-fungal treatment, (which guarantees their effect during the useful life of the producto) , and UV protection (to avoid damage caused by constant exposure to sunlight).

In this type of installation, the material chosen must have the appropriate manufacturing certifications to guarantee high levels of tightness in a wide range of temperatures, resistance to roots and puncture, even under permanent deformation due to the type of soil or environment.

URDIN synthetic sheets are manufactured in accordance with the ISO 14001 environmental management system, which includes their development, raw materials, production, distribution, installation, maintenance and recycling. In addition, URDIN SPR membranes are are perfectly weldable with hot air, even after several years after installation, and (as being exclusively made from virgin resins), they are recyclable once their useful life has ended or when they are removed from the installation. Their main advantages include their high resistance to tearing and microorganisms, the chlorine and bacteria. 

Also commercialized in a non-slip finish and in a wide range of colors and textures, Sintec URDIN membranes have a 10-year guarantee.