Sintec, among its wide range of materials for waterproofing, has a product specially designed to meet the needs of tanks, tanks, rafts, canals or small lakes isolation in residential buildings that will contain water suitable for human consumption: URDIN AP

In this type of facilities, it is essential that the material chosen has the proper potability certifications and has a high degree of resistance to roots and punching, while maintaining high levels of tightness, even under permanent deformation due to the type of soil or the environment.

PVC sheets made exclusively from virgin resins maintain constant technical parameters, ensuring optimal durability and resistance to swelling, putrescibility, and aging of the material.

For an adequate waterproofing of drinking water tanks, it is essential a correct installation of the PVC membranes (preparation of walls and floors, protection, installation and fixing, as well as singular details), and to carry out the appropriate maintenance and cleaning of the deposit, since those installations not having followed the recommended guidelines or not been maintained correctly can lose their tightness and can affect the conditions of the stored water.

On the other hand, URDIN sheets can be used as an environmental protection barrier, to prevent the passage of leachates (liquids that are formed as a result of passing or “percolation” through a solid), or for the storage or filling of solid materials, being also a recyclable product, permeable to water vapor and perfectly weldable with hot air, even after several years after installation.

Urdin PVC membrane