SINTEC, the most complete range of waterproofing solutions.

SINTEC has supplied the 12,000 m22 PVC waterproofing sheet at BAMC Airport, a subsidiary of British Airways, located at the northwest end of the Welsh Cardiff International Airport.

The large-sized building is designed to service the B474 and B777 aircraft, giving the air base the ability to accommodate B747 and B777 aircraft in its four hangar bays.

The restoration began in the upper plane of the roof of a single layer of the main hangar, with material supplied by SINTEC. Such ambitious project required a highly qualified workforce to complete the roof covers, in a 15 weeks period during the summer months, as strong winds during most of the year prevent work in the building (at roof level).

The product used in the installation of the roof is a polyester reinforced PVC membrane, suitable for mechanical fixation in metal profile decks, concrete covers or roof renewal. It is made exclusively with virgin resins and in addition, in order to ensure optimal durability, it maintains the following constant characteristics:

  • Resistant to wind stress, swelling, putrescibility and ageing.
  • High level of tightness, even under permanent deformation.
  • High resistance to punching.
  • Root resistance according to EN 13948.
  • Excellent stability against U.V. rays.
  • Permeable to water vapor.
  • Excellent mechanical properties.
  • Perfectly weldable with hot air, even after several years after installation.

Sintec has the most complete range of waterproofing solutions. URDIN waterproofing sheets are characterized by their flexibility, high adaptability, high resistance to UV rays, ease of installation and durability.

URDIN products have been used in many projects around the world, adapting them to the different installation techniques and constructive solutions.

In addition to including all types of synthetic sheets, SINTEC incorporates a wide range of accessories which ease the correct application of the waterproofing system, guarantee the finish and durability of the project, saves installation time and ensures its effectiveness.