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About Sintec

Sintec and waterproofing

SINTEC has been offering its broad experience in waterproofing solutions since 2007, for a diversity of fields, such as roofs, tiled roofs, tunnels, galleries, construction work, reservoirs and swimming pools. With a clear international approach, we offer the strictest quality guarantees for our membranes, and fully meet all the requirements for all kinds of projects.

Our URDIN range of products has been used in numerous projects all over the world, and adapts to the different installation techniques and building solutions used.

Sintec: international reach, customized service

Operating in all five continents, SINTEC offers personalized service for each of our clients, and adapts solutions to your needs.

At SINTEC, we ensure that our clients experience a personal, flexible and effective treatment. We use all our knowledge and ambition to meet your needs regarding waterproofing.

Sintec: the most complete range of waterproofing solutions

Our range of products not only includes all kinds of synthetic membranes but also offers a wide range of accessories which make the proper application of the waterproofing system easier, while guaranteeing the proper finish and durability of the project.

In the case of roofs, or tiled roofs, tunnels, galleries, construction work, swimming pools or reservoirs, we can adapt our array of accessories and complements to save time in the installation and ensure its effectiveness.